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Bigg Boss TRP breaks Records, Highest Viewership Ever

Bigg Boss TRP breaks Records, Highest Viewership Ever:

Bigg Boss 5 has broken records as far as TRPs are concerned. Accordng to the data put forth by aMap, a television rating agency, the opening episode of Bigg Boss Season 5 had a rating of 4.3 compared to the Season 4 rating of 3.5. Bigg Boss Season had an average rating of 2.43m while Bigg Boss 2 and Bigg Boss 1 had average ratings of 2.03 and 1.96

27 million viewers watched the opening episode of Bigg Boss 5. The first week which had cat fights and tension between the female housemates saw the TRPs rise even more. The memorable episodes of October 14 2011, day 12, when we had the taste of PMS (Pooja Missra Syndrome) when she lashed out at other housemates like a witch and broke the broom, registered the highest TRPs. Though the inmates turned against other and wanted her out, Bigg Boss left her off with warning. Bigg Boss also told the other contestants that they were rude and negligent towards Pooja. The result, Pooja Missra was saved by a huge margin of votes.

Viewers feel Shraddha Sharma,Amar, Akashdeep, Mahek, Vida, Siddarth and Pooja Missra are the four pillars of Bigg Boss Season 5. The episodes featuring day 31 and day 32 (November 2 and 3, 2011).These two episodes garnered 28.2 million and 28.4 million audience respectively, the highest viewership ever among all Indian reality shows to date, due to many fights and bickering on those two days.

Mahek Siddharth in Jail After Fight

Mahek Siddharth in Jail After Fight:

Mahek and Siddhart Bharadwaj continue their fight again. Mahek calls Siddharth a baby and says that all this while she had not said anything to him because he is just a kid. Mahek is happy when Sky sends Siddharth to jail. Once he comes out of the jail, Mahek has to go inside. She starts cribbing and continues to bad mouth Siddharth who fires back. Mahek in the mean time, says that she has to go to the toilet first.

When she returns, she does not agree to go to jail but finally she does on the condition that Siddarth should also be in jail. Sky gets irritated and say that he does not want to carry the task anymore but Amar Upadhyay intervenes and says that both Mahek and Siddharth can go to the jail together. Sky does that and realizes it is fair for both to bear the brunt equally.

Sky is doing everything he can to win the weekly task, he tries to win over Pooja Missra to his side. He thinks that if he can get even one member from Amar’s team to be in his side, he can walk away with the luxury budget and have Amar nominated for this week’s nomination. So he tells Amar that Mahek is a nuisance and it would be good if he sends over her to his (Sky’s) team. Amar of course, has other ideas in his mind.

Sky and Pooja Bedi have a tete-a-tete and he tells her that he loves her and if he had to date a woman, he would date her, because she is a complete woman. Pooja Bedi is charmed and starts to blush.

Pooja Missra is on a friendship spree, she tries to sort out her differences with Vida Samadzai. As she goes to the washroom, she finds Mahek. They both find out that they hate both Sky and Siddharth and their treatment towards the women in the house. A bonding develops between the two women and they agree that Sky is quite arrogant and rude.

At night, Pooja Misra, Vida and Mahek bond and Pooja tells them that she wants to be the captain and tells Vida to support her.

Vida out of Bigg Boss

Vida out of Bigg Boss:

Vida was evicted from Bigg Boss today. It was an exciting day today as John Abraham and Akshay Kumar came to promote their film Desi Boyz on Bigg Boss. Salman co-hosted the episode today along with Sanjay Dutt.

John Abraham and Akshay Kumar ventured into the Bigg Boss, the contestants had a ball with them. The girls even danced to the title song of Desi Boyz. Pooja Bedi, with a choked voice admitted that she wanted to meet her 14 year old daughter Aliya; she even said that it would be great if the housemates voted her out because she was dying to meet her in the house.

John Abraham and Akshay Kumar conveyed this message to Salman and Akshay. Once they left, Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan confronted the house-mates. They especially targeted Siddharth and gave them a piece of their mind. While Sanjay Dutt was sarcastic, Salman Khan was quite straight to the point and said that Siddharth had no business disrespecting names, kicking women, abusing someone who was taking the side of his mother and abusing somone’s job profile. After that Siddharth was unable to control his tears and later apologized for his mistake.

Finally, Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt announced the name of Vida as the one to be evicted from Bigg Boss house

Sunny Leone in Bigg Boss Video, Bollywood Next

Sunny Leone in Bigg Boss Video, Bollywood Next:

Sunny Leone is positively excited to be in India and in Bigg Boss. She kept on tweeting about the interesting turn of events as she came to the Indian shores.

“Who knew I would be the 2nd most popular trend in INDIA, WOOOOHOOOO”

Had a long day of press!!!So hungry and tired! Tomorrow is the day I enter the Bigg Boss House! I cant believe it…

And finally,

Did interviews for 5hrs straight!

Sunny Leone

Good Morning Everyone!! Today is the DAY I enter the Bigg Boss House!! Jumping in the shower and time to get ready! XOXO

Sunny Leone has said that she hopes that Bigg Boss would be her entry to Bollywood. “I’ve always wanted to enter into Bollywood in India and Bigg Boss was the first professional offer which came my way. I do what I do outside India and I am what I am, but I run my career professionally, so this was the best offer for me,” Leone told PTI.

Sunny Leone who is one of the top 12 adult stars in the world says that she loves Hindi films and have always growin up watching them. These are my roots, this is who I am. I keep coming to India to visit my relatives who mostly stay in the north. I grew up watching Bollywood movies and the beautiful stars.”

Sunny Leone confesses that she has a crush for Salman Khan. “I would love to work with the host of Bigg Boss – Salman Khan. I am looking forward to meeting him.” Katrina Kaif, be ready to feel jealous

Sunny Leone has said that she hopes to enter the Bigg Boss house and have a lot of fun. Eat your heart guys, she is going to be there as a contestant and not a guest. Says Sunny, “”I have no plans, I am here to have a good time. This is the first time I am working in India, hopefully I will add a little bit of glamour, have some laughs, add some light because there’s a lot going on in the house. I have been watching the show from the beginning and I know all the characters inside,” she said.

Sunny Leone confirms that she is the contestant of the Bigg Boss house and not as guest “I am entering as a participant so I will be on the show as long as India wants me. If I get nominated I hope people will vote for me to remain on the show. I think all of India is waiting to see the response when I enter the show. Lets see what happens.”

Sunny Leone Interview, Personal Life, Bigg Boss plans

Sunny Leone Interview, Personal Life, Bigg Boss plans:

In this interview, Sunny Leone talks about her personal life and how she looks at Bigg Boss as her favorite reality show. We also find that the beautiful Sunny Leone has Bollywood career sharply in place-

What do you think will happen when you enter Bigg Boss house?

I think the very fact that I am showing up on a show like this will make for a jaw-dropping moment for many people inside and outside the house. But I guess it would be interesting to see who knows me and who doesn’t in the Bigg Boss house.

It would be fun to see how the guys react… because when most guys see me, they don’t know what to do with themselves. I am as intimidated about their reactions as anybody would be.

What is the one that you are looking forward to when you enter Bigg Boss house?

I love eating Indian food and this is something I am going to enjoy

How many boyfriends do you have?

I am just a conservative working girl who goes to the same man all her all life. We share a house, two lovely dogs and a production company in which I do everything from.selecting actors and scripts to editing and writing. I may act in adult movies but actually I’m a one-man woman,

How many times have you visited India?

I have visited India a couple of years ago,to immerse my grandparents’ ashes in the Ganges. I was approached by Colors for Bigg Boss in February but there was paperwork to do, which delayed my entry

How long will you be in Bigg Boss?

Sunny Leone- Well, I am a contestant. So if people like me, I will stay right on till the end.

Do you love Bigg Boss?

Sunny Leone-It’s not because of the big bucks but because I’m addicted to Bigg Boss and really excited to be a part of it. I think I’d look great cooking aloo-gobi (potato and cauliflower curry) and daal-chawal (pulses and rice), doing the house chores in pencil heels and sexy clothes that I’m comfortable in

Did you get a few Bollywood offers before?

Sunny Leone- Well, I did get loads of Bollywood offers but I wanted to work her without making any ‘favors’ to anyone. I was asked to make ‘compromises which is why I declined those offers and my Bollywood debut is still to happen. I do not subscribe to Bollywood’s casting couch, I would like my work to speak for itself.

Did you have any surgical implants?

Well, if you are in the limelight, you have to look your best. You do whatever you are asked to, whether it’s approaching a reliable dermatologist or going in for surgery. What’s the harm? There’s a visible difference in the way I looked a decade ago and now. I’ve learnt how to dress and carry off clothes with ease as well. It’s not easy being an adult movie star!”

How did you come into the industry?

It never landed in my lap. I met an agent in America who was very respectful and took things really slow. It wasn’t something that I had thought about. I have now set up my own company with my partner and we make four to five movies a month which includes everything right from shooting, directing to editing and promoting them.

What do you think of Bigg Boss 5? And what will you bring to the table?

I can add a little bit of glamor and bring in some light moments in the house. I’ve been following this season of Bigg Boss religiously, episode by episode since October 2. All the ‘characters’ in the house are quite interesting and so are the fights! I am really looking forward to meet everyone in the house and know how many actually recognize me and know about me. It would be real fun to see how the guys react to my being in the house.

Whom do you think who is the nasty one in Bigg Boss house?

Sunny Leone- Of what I have seen so far, I think Pooja Misrra is highly opinionated and has an agenda. She seems to be the bitchiest. On the other hand I like Mahek and Juhi. Among guys, I think Amar is the most calm out of all the three.”

How did your parents react when they came to know that you were doing these kind of movies?

First of all, being an adult star does not mean being a prostitute. I had never planned it but the money was just too good. My parents were completely shocked, they are traditional Punjabi parents.Their reaction was what I expected, and I was prepared for it. When my father realized what I did, he said, ‘You didn’t even ask us before you did this! But whatever you do, make sure you do it well.’

My dad was offended because I didn’t discuss this with him. My mother was also stunned when she found about my girl on girl videos, but she accepted it. And the fact that my work didn’t change me as a person worked in my favour. My parents soon realized it and respected me for who I am and my decisions. So there was never any question of being disowned by my family. Naturally, any loving parent is going to be upset about it. But at the end of it they are still your parents, they will love you unconditionally.

Have you parents seen anyone of your videos?

Sunny Leone- Of course not! Whose parents would do that?

What perception do you want to change after being in Bigg Boss?

I want to make people realize that I am not the ‘cliched’ adult star. I grew up in a regular Indian household; I’ve been taught to be a good person. I want Indian people to know that. And I’ve always been interested in Bollywood, so with this show, I might get good roles in Hindi films.

Will you visit your relative in Delhi?

Sunny Leone- I last came to Delhi this year in February. I’d like to come back soon. But I wasn’t born here, like it says online – I was born in Canada.

Most people may look at your body and have a set image in mind. What do you think?

I believe that you can change one person at a time. So, if that’s the way each contestant would think of me, my objective would be to change their opinion of who I am. I am who I am and this is what I do. I don’t regret who I am. I am not a monster that has horns. I love the fact that my roots are from this country and I am very proud to be an Indian.

What do you think about Indian men, Sunny Leone?

I think men are the same across the globe. They all think very similar. Guys are simple creatures and have a simple mindset. They don’t like drama. They eat, sleep, work and come home. I don’t think men are complicated.

Do you have a strategy which you will follow when you are locked up?

I am going to be who I am. I will not hold myself back. If something bothers me, I will spit it out that very moment.

What if you were to be locked inside the house as the only female contestant with rest of them being only males?

I probably would swear more because they would always be swearing. If there were that many boys and just me, I would have to adjust. I would become one of the boys!

What do you think of Bollywood and the latest updates?

Not really. But I must say that Indian women are gorgeous both in movies and soap operas. My parents usually watch these soap operas.

Whom do you think who is the nasty one in Bigg Boss house?

Sunny Leone- Of what I have seen so far, I think Pooja Misrra is highly opinionated and has an agenda. She seems to be the bitchiest. On the other hand I like Mahek and Juhi. Among guys, I think Amar is the most calm out of all the three.”

Sunny Leone Wallpapers, Photos

Sunny Leone Wallpapers, Photos:

Check out Sunny Leone wallpapers, HQ desktop wallpapers. Sunny has entered Bigg Boss house in a lehenga and you will come to know the reactions of Bigg Boss housemates. For the time being, enjoy these wallpapers of Sunny Leone and her interview

Sunny Leone’s marriage to KRK, he thinks so!

Sunny Leone’s marriage to KRK, he thinks so!:

KRK is madly in love with Sunny Leone and wants to marry her and have her in her films. Well, let us see what happens but meanwhile here are KRK’s tweets about Sunny Leone-

I just watched a video of Sunny Leone n must say my God what a body and lips she is having. Fantastic, mind blowing. She is hoor.

Me and Sunny in a film and believe me that film is going to be blockbuster.

What is difference in between Sunny and so many other girls? Other girls hide the truth n sunny doesn’t.

Sunny Leone is so beautiful girl. My God. I would love to take her in my film as a lead heroine. Leone is going to be big star in Bollywood.

I was expecting a very dirty looking girl called sunny but I was so surprised to see her. She is real punjabi beauty like ghodi. I love her.

If Sunny works in *** films means she is not human? She is not having rights to live happily? Come on ppl don’t be so rude to beautiful girl

I want to marry with Sunny Leone so pls somebody helps me for contact nos. of her parents.

Now I request to BiggBoss5 To send me in the house. I want to spend time with Sunny. I shall do it 100% free of charge.

Kamaal hai the world famous sunny Leone is also an Indian punjabi girl. Bhai tussi chaa gaye ho.

Good night and kiss on the most beautiful lips of chamakta item Sunny Leone.

Looks like KRK has forgotten the love of his life, Asin and is now focussed on Sunny Leone . He had stated that the girls he would date would be no more than 25. Well Sunny is 30 years old and KRK can make exceptions.

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